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In the US

Society of St. Teresa of Jesus Provincial Office

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Teresian Sisters Covington

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Teresian Sisters New Orleans

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Teresian Sisters San Antonio

The Sisters in San Antonio support the clients of Catholic Charities at Guadalupe Center, work at the Mexican American Catholic College, do campus ministry at UTSA, and help women to achieve their GED. The community also helps support the Teresian Sisters at St. Francis Nursing Home. One sister travels often as a member of the intercontinental economic team, in support of the provinces of the Americas.

Teresian Sisters Uvalde

This community of 2 has a variety of mission activities, including coordinating the youth and tutors of the St. Henry de Osso Family Project, helping to give talks and retreats to the Associates, directing events such as the Friends of Jesus rally at Sacred Heart School and the “I Can” program at the HdO Family Project, and running summer missions at La Pryor, Batesville, Mount Pleasant and Jacksonville, Texas. One sister is Pastoral Assistant to Fr. Gustavo Ortega, in La Pryor and Batesville, where she is religion coordinator, teaches RCIA, gives sacramental preparation, and coordinates the liturgy. She is also taking the census for the parishes, which gives her the opportunity to get to know the people.

Teresian Sisters Miami

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