On Sunday, May 25, St. Joseph Church in La Pryor, Texas celebrated its 100th anniversary. The only Mass celebrated in La Pryor or Batesville that day was the Confirmation Mass presided by Bishop James Tamayo together with Rev. Gustavo Ortega, parish administrator. Both the Mass and reception were held at the park, to accommodate the 300 people attending. Teresian Sisters Bertha Montiel and Dolores Aviles were very much present, along with Sr. Angeles Sendin, who came from Louisiana for the celebration to represent Provincial Sr. Gina Geraci.

The seven confirmandi were very happy with their meeting with the Bishop before Mass, as he got to know them in a personal way; he also invited them to ask him anything they might want to know. The choir from Eagle Pass sang beautifully for the Mass, and the meal was prepared the parish organizations; leftovers were then brought to the elderly and infirm.Sr. Berta commented that it was truly a wonderful experience of community as everyone contributed by bringing something to share, by working, serving, cleaning up. A big THANK YOU to all who made it so special!!!

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