“We had a very intimate gathering composed of the sisters of Covington and New Orleans, as well as our two visiting sisters from Spain and Ivory Coast (Ana and Lydie),  Sr. Theresa from Magnificat House, and Kyra’s father. The service was beautiful, inviting the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts and lives. As part of the entrance ceremony, Kyra received the Bible, given to her by Sr. Gloria Murillo, the Autobiography of St. Teresa, given to her by Sr. Angeles Sendin, and “The Spiritual Experience of St. Henry de Osso,” given to her by Sr. Marina Aranzabal.

Kyra and her father were both very happy, as were all of us. After Vespers we had a very nice reception in the Cafeteria, prepared by her (now) fellow Pre-Novice Alice Snee.

Please continue to pray for Kyra and Alice. They’re both in Batesville participating in the Vacation Bible School this week (June 10 – 18) and they will make retreat next week.”

Sr. Marina